Add additional revenue while satisfying customers

The rise in demand for cryptocurrency is only going to continue. Stack ATMs and effortless process provide a straightforward path to financial & customer benefit.



Hosting a Stack ATM provides

Guaranteed income paid by us to you every month.

Free advertising that will increase foot traffic to your business.

Our team handles customer support ensuring no inconvenience.

All delivery, setup & maintenance is handled 100% by us.

Some Specifics

About our machines

Small space

Our machines on average take up a 12 inches x 15 inches space and only rely on a power connection. We also offer larger machine 21 inches x 16 inches.


We remain fully responsible for the machines and remain fully compliant with laws at all time.

Quick installation

Our installation team is in and out with an average installation time of 1 hour.

Bitcoin ATM

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All information submitted to and collected by Stack is never shared. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (206) 566-7224.